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Iin, Assistant brother-in-law

The reader may remember my story about the brother in law who used to hate me, but we ended unexpectedly share the pleasure that was before we had both dreamed of. Our relationship will continue for a long time. If the desire arises (my penis is ngaceng) so I sent him an SMS in order sought time to meet and share the pleasure, and vice versa, if the pussy he is desperate to be penetrated by a penis then he sends an SMS to me, and in fact he was the more frequently asked I was so gratifying ngewenya still passionate. And since then he's more diligent in doing gymnastics sex to further add to the enjoyment ngewe we used to do. Oh yes, the reader should know that sometimes we do intercourse in my house and sometimes at home, depending on the circumstances, the distance between my chance with her far enough, or in other places that we feel is possible.

One day I went to her house since before I received an SMS that I came to her house that day because the pussy was desperate to diewe by my penis. I will be happy to approve it because it was already wanted to put my penis into a pussy hole while my wife gets colder it. As usual I did the first exercise that fit my body because it will face a fierce battle; penis I caress her because she is unjung spear ready to go in and punch the enemy, but enemy delights.

When I got home I went straight brother-in-law is in because usually when I make a pact like that door is never locked, even sometimes I immediately went into his room and there he was waiting impatiently for it then we went straight to the fighting, wrestling , and per-ewe's. But this time the atmosphere was quiet, brother-in-law is not seen, in the room did not exist. I find nothing in the kitchen, the bathroom was empty. I feel a little upset when my soul and my penis had been tempestuous ngaceng and throbbing, should my penis kutenangkan back? But how do I?

Naaah ......! Naaah ......! I was calling the Inah (Inah was maid sister who had long worked there, age approximately 26 years old, but already four years as a widow). Yes Maaas ..... ! The answer he came up Inah. I was stunned for a moment, I feel overlook. Not as usual, this time the Inah neatly dressed and sexy. He was wearing pants so tight pussy triangle printed clearly at the top he was wearing a sleeveless shirt with an open chest that looks tits smooth white base is very exciting and a little arm with feathers sticking out causing the penis that had already started to limp be ngaceng again. Her body was fragrant with the perfume. I just realized that was the Inah was beautiful and sexy, voluptuous body, not least with the town girls, only during the time he had never dressed up because I was busy with work at home.

"Mommy where Nah," I asked. "Go home with Mr. Mas, a phone call this morning from the village who told my mother and father to his hometown, he does have some important business," says the Inah. "When to come home?" I asked next. "He said the hell this afternoon," replied the Inah. "There is a message from Mom? I asked; the Inah replied hesitantly "There Mas, well ....... -so ........ "" Anu-so what Well, if you speak a clear dong! "I said:" Anu Mas, said Mrs. cucumber given it to me ", said the Inah. "Cucumber, cucumber what?" I asked, surprised. The increasingly visible Inah nervous "so-mas cucumbers brought by Mas". I'm getting confused "Cucumbers what? I never took a cucumber ", I said. "Mas Anu ........ Mas ...... the usual cucumber dikulum by the mother and put into pussy "said the Inah. I was surprised, it turns out that all this time I secretly with brother-in-law has been known by the Inah. I'm confused, what should I do? The Inah said, "Yes it's okay if Mas Mas mah mind, but it works like Mas mengewe my mother would tell Father."

Hearing requests and threats, plus the actual time I was very excited to see the beauty of the body Inah then immediately reached for Inah body into my lap (I was sitting in a chair), I kissed her lips while my hands into the guerrilla shirt to work on the tits. The moaning and groaning Inah, ngngngnghhhhhh ....... ssssshhhhhh ....., then kiss her long neck down to my hand while trying to free t-shirt wrapped around his body. Continue down to kiss her breasts which are not covered by anything, and she was not wearing a bra, I suck and I'm fun of her nipple with my tongue. Treated as the Inah menggelinjang-gelinjang easement while his mouth never stopped issuing moans and cries softly, aaaaaahhhhh ........ sssssssss ........ Mas favors, continue to hold the suction ......... ...... Maaaaaaas Maassss.

Inah's mouth kept babbling Maaaasssss ....... ...... continued ....... I could not resist ........ Mas memekku working on ........ I wanted to feel kontolmu Maaaassss ........ Kuluncurkan immediately hand down to his pants unzipped, but because he sat so I'm having trouble. Inah then I carried the usual way to the bedroom I use to ngewe with brother-in-law. I lay him in bed with his legs hanging down so that the printed prominently on the pussy tight pants. Immediately kulucuti pants and it turns out he did not use the cd, so it looks clear that black cock reddish fur with a thin, very sensual, very challenging. I soon saw that my lips landed on the woman's pleasure center, and put my tongue licking itilnya into the hole pleasures. Thus the Inah menggelinjang treated with great mouth as she endlessly moans and groans issued indicating that the pleasure he felt very, aaaaahhhh Mas ........... ......... sssssshhhhhhsssshhhhh ........ favors ........ ssssshhh ........ Massssssss .......... Quick enter Massssss your penis ............ I can not wait to feel  your penis  Masssssssss ........ Seemed to me that warm liquid that comes out of the hole pussy, I suck the liquid is the Inah sssrrrrrp ......... any body stiffened as she screamed hysterically dick ........ dick. His legs were hanging on my shoulder floundered. Hands reaching out to find my penis is already very tense. I stopped hisapanku on pussy lips and crawl up right now, from his stomach, his navel, then to the tits. I smoke and kupermainkan nipple with my tongue. Along with that handed her my penis to be held by hand, and she immediately wrung my penis with exasperation as she screamed hysterically, dick ......... I want to be felt by you diewe dick ........
Looking at it I immediately directed my penis into pussy hole. At first I was a little difficult to insert my penis into a pussy as tight pussy, knowingly had four years of his widowed and never remove the child. Even his marriage was only last a few weeks so can I assume that the pussy is penetrated by only a few times ******. However, due to very wet pussy has finally managed to penetrate my penis pussy. i forward and backward first half of my penis until it feels smooth entrance; then once i entry all the penis so that the trunk swallowed all by the Inah pussy. The Inah screaming sensation is already a very long time he felt, aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww .........., accompanied by a sigh of exciting and discharge dirty sayings in the local language as an expression of his passion vent, ssssshhhhhhhhh ssssshhhhhhh ......... .......... aduuuuuuhhhhhh ........ ewwwwweeeeeeeeee dick ......... ........ aaaahhhhhhhh ........... ........

Hear the hysterical screams I'm getting anxious, then kupercepat entry, while Ina eyes I saw the brake literacy, while his hands gripped tightly on the back, and his mouth continued to sigh and groan issued a highly stimulating, ssssssshhhhhhhhh ssssshhhhhhh ............ .............. ssssshhhhhhh eeeemmmmmmhhhhhhh ........... ............ Then I rolled over, hugging the body of the penis Inah and not out of pussy, so now the body of the Inah was on top of me. I purposely did that to give opportunity to the Inah more active so she can determine the rhythm of the game. Sure enough once he was on top of me right away he dip his body so that it feels right that my penis deeper into his pussy. I did not stay silent forward and backward my butt as well as the Inah forward and backward ass while my mouth still sucking tits. When the butt is the ass I was raised Inah forward, and when the Inah ass down I insert my penis hard. We push each other, the Inah pressing down while I was pressing up. When there is a shot that's going a great sensation. I and the Inah both groaned and sighed, Naaaahhhhhhh ......... nice vagina, I felt suspended in awaaaannnn ..., ...... Maaaaaasssss your penis also niceee, heunceutku will not let go until I feel satisfied your penis ........ well, let's Mas-Geol ass in the opposite direction to geolan ass. I also do request, and it turns out great.

Was in full swing when we fought the sound of a phone ringing sound in the living room. I told the Inah picked up an important case, but he did not want to let go of my penis Inah, he would pick up the phone on the condition that I still stick my penis in pussy, while the phone kept ringing sound. "Naaaaahhhh ..... doooong pick up the phone if there are important ", I said. "Perhaps ...... Maaasssss provided kontolmu not be separated from memekku, if not better phone did not lift". "Well Well now we are back to play more freely you'll pick up the phone". So I pulled my penis and the Inah already understood that he must menungging. When I put my penis from behind once again the muffled shriek Inah, aaahhhhh ......... ssssshhhhhh.

We walked into the living room while not releasing the ****** of Inah pussy. The Inah walking in front of me while I hugged, squeezed her breasts and nipple kupermainkan, my lips kissing the back of the neck and ears. Kuusahakan penis that can not be separated from her pussy while still running. Once in place the phone was picked up while Inah bow, then the penis is almost independent of re-entry pussy as she punched back and forth so that the Inah sigh a sigh like a man who was eating a spicy sauce, sssssshhhhhh sssssssshhhhhh ......... ........ aaaaahhhhhhh. It turns out that it is the brother-in-law called from the village who told him that he could not go home that day because his business has not been completed so it should stay. "Well, why did you pick up the phone for a long time," said brother-in-law. "Anu, was in the kitchen Buuuuu, sssshhh", he replied with a sigh Inah arrested. Hear the sigh of the Inah brother-in-law asked, "Why do you sigh Well then, it was eating chilli sauce?" "Yes ma'am, I eat ...... sssshhhhhh sssshhhhh with cucumber sauce ..... ssshhhhhhh bu delicious, aaaawwwwwww ". "Ah, there you have it until screamed all, please enjoy mentimunmu heart's content, I do not go home today because there is still a need, perhaps a new home tomorrow afternoon, carefully yan at home, enjoy a cucumber" said sister-in-law, he thought Inah was eating the real cucumber, are eaten when the base is black and hairy cucumber, and a mouth to eat it was not over but under the alias heunceueueueueuetttt mouth .............. The Inah replied, "Yes Buuu, aaaaahhhh sssshhhhhhh ....... ...... Thank you Mom for cucumber ", aaaaawwww ..... Maaaas .......... Terusssss keluarmasukkan Kontolnya ......... hhmmmmmhhhhhsssssshhh.

We also continue the game's favor in the living room, it feels more freely because the room is more spacious. We rolled around, though a bit sick in body and in the knee but the pain was defeated by a sense of pleasure. Our body was soaked with sweat, until finally we finished the game with hysterical cries simultaneously, sssssshhhhh aaaaaawwwwwww ........... ...... aduuuuuuuuuuuh ....... I Maaaasssss keluaaaaaar. Panting for breath, the water spurting cum in pussy the Inah, the Inah hugged him tightly, his body collapsed on me. We continue to embrace each other to sleep, while my penis was stuck in pussy as if it would not let go.

Because the brother-in-law did not come home so I decided to spend the night to accompany the Inah while continuing to repeat our intercourse by trying various positions such as those contained in vcd porn we watched together, while our bodies were deliberately left bare so that whenever I want and my penis stayed ngaceng I put in the pussy everywhere Inah or whatever he was, in the kitchen, in the middle of the house, in the bathroom, even when he was mopping the floor while nungging I do not hesitate to stab the pussy with my penis from behind. Unfortunately however, treated the Inah was never refused, even once it was he who took the initiative. As had happened while I was asleep because of tiredness I feel there is something delicious and tingling in my penis, when I opened my eyes was the Inah was sucking my penis and my penis is ngaceng when she put my penis into her pussy ass do not stop rocking-Inul. His mouth never stopped moaning eeeemmmmmhhhh ....... Emmmmhhhhh. I pretended to be asleep, until I felt it did not stand up and keep rocking with the poke-Inulnya Tyson style combined with the style of Ricky Martin shakes.

In the evening while it ramped up the pussy Inah, either to the keberapa time, I received an SMS from my sister-in-law that essentially apologized for not keeping the promises that since the sudden need to go into the village. He writes: "Brother, I'm sorry I can not provide for kontolmu memekku mighty, when you're home we rapelkan yes, keep the good kontolmu to fight later on, greetings from memekku to kontolmu". He did not know that at that time my penis was stuck in the pussy maid who honestly admit that pussy better because it is so narrow that empotannya jepitannya stronger and more sucking.

From the conversation I learned that in fact Inah Inah have long known the affair with her employer. Her story is this: one day, when he was sweeping the floor in front of the room's brother-in-law's brother-in-law she heard the muffled screaming and moaning while moaning. By coincidence the bedroom door was slightly ajar, so she could peek inside. In the room he saw his master's body was thrashing around beneath me as he groaned. Swished her most was when she saw my penis is pumping pussy with a lively mistress while chuckling sound like a walking foot on the muddy ground. Inah's body trembled and her hands instinctively play itilnya one hand while the other was toying with her nipples. Since then when there's Inah I always tried to peek into the room through a keyhole, and he often saw our game variations including penchant brother-in-law suck my penis before putting it in the pussy, or I'm licking itilnya before kutembus with my penis. Since that time it was also the Inah, according to his confession, always imagining how delicious when pussy penetrated by a penis. He often fantasize while doing masturbation with a cucumber put into a pussy, but still cucumber cucumber; cold, hard skin, and not live. That is why he is always trying to find a way to ngewe with me.

The next day when I go home I saw the Inah was cooking in the kitchen with menungging position. I saw he was wearing a short skirt without wearing no cd so visible tip of the red pussy decorated them with short hair. Can see the sights without negotiable ngaceng penis. I took off my pants and sneaked over to the Inah from behind, and because he was busy slicing spice Inah did not realize when I approached him. Instantly I hug him and I rub my penis to pussy-grit. The shocked gasp intervention Inah happy, holding hands as soon I put my penis that is not yet in a pussy. He was not aware that his hands are just used to hold the sliced ​​chilli, cash only my penis feels hot. "Aduuuuuh, how does Well, my penis niiih hot", I said. The Inah was shocked, "Ooooh Mas sorry, I do not know, to muffle immediately enter into memekku kontolmu to be somewhat cool, I smoke it later with memekku". That's what I want to do, then I put my penis was soon being overheated in the Inah pussy. At that moment I felt a new experience, my penis felt a very fantastic, the heat that enveloped my penis increase ngewe pleasure. The Inah sighed, ssssshhhhhh ...... Maaaasss, why it feels so good huh? Yes Naaaah, memekmu tasted better than usual ..... aaaaaaahhhhh ....... Ssssssshhhhhh, Naaaahhh ....... Suction memekmu also felt more strongly, EMPOT-empotan. Iyaaa Maaaassss ****** hangaaaaatttttt Mas also feels more ....... Nice ....... Sssshhhhhh. As he continued to push my penis do not forget the odds and landed on my hand Inah add unparalleled sensation of pleasure, until finally we ended the game after reaching orgasm berasama together. As is usually the Inah was screaming hysterically, aaaawwwww .......... dick .... Sssshhh.

Relationship with brother-in-law has been continued because he wants it, but for me right now is more varied as well mengewe plus assistants. When me and my brother-in-law covenant at home then the Inah and I always try to find a way to insert my penis into a pussy though somewhat hasty time, maybe when the brother-in-law was in the shower, or are currently serving customers, or being out for a while; principal if there is a chance for a while though my penis should be lodged in the Inah pussy. But now I have a way to stick my penis longer Inah into the pussy, that I came to the house of brother-in-law over the morning, when the brother-in-law was gymnastics. But I still would not interfere with the work of Inah, so we mengewe while the Inah work, such as cooking in the kitchen, laundry, etc.. especially the jobs done while menungging and I put my penis through the back, which is important we feel satisfied.

Inah .... Oh, brother-in-law ..... oh, I always miss both of you pussy. I still daydream how can I be ngewe all three together. Physically and technically I'm sure that I was able to satisfy both simultaneously and repeatedly, but it somehow?

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