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GIRL SEX STORY ADULT this time it will tell you about my experience
Most adults would know the meaning of gay, but boy! Well there ya funny story about a small child was age 7 years of wondering what it was gay to his aunt. Already desire to know what happened, please go see the story below.

Once upon a time there was a boy named Anu age 6-9 years is cool to open the open internet, while it's facebook. One short story a friend facebook status update the contents of gini "CIH was malem ane can not gay", The so-curious then mereply status by naive and innocently asked "what is gay kk" ..

And answered the owner of his or her status with the bitchy "Tanya wrote at aunt loe ..

Then somebody asked innocently back "Why should my aunt asked to do what to do kk". Status to the annoyance of the owner of "Yes! Because he's an adult so loh ". Somebody said "do not mean adult kk deh", the owner of the status of "No Comment" ..

Somebody actually wanted to ask ... but trigger further billing cafe already approaching the funds can not be tolerated by the pocket. Yes've had to go home, now the story continues there.

Then a certain man looking for where his mother was, "Mama you where" ..

Mother: Medium wash boy

Long story short the child back to meet his mother who had grown

Anu: Mom, aunt to an extent, there is a wedge liver Anu who want to spend for the answer Anu Tante ama. (Busyet wrote poetry could still small)

Mom: Aunt ... Geez kid,!! Mother as the father of the child's date of all, so it is not got Auntie

Anu: (blank without saying anything except in her heart) ... Busyet so I can not really know what's gay donk!

End of story-so failed to find the real meaning of gay, unforeseen reason at all is because she has no aunt.

Years later the meaning of the word gay was still sleeping in his mind. Nowadays somebody is growing up. And to this day he still kepikiran about whether it's gay. Eventually he wrote a "poem" that have gay stories ended because he had no aunt.

If the story was so and so has the aunt of course now he knew what gay was, if her grandfather would make another girl, she certainly knows what it is now naked, but ya never mind what happens let it happen and let such as water always flows to ocean ..

Conclusion ...

If you do not know what a word means go to the library and look INDONESIAN LEDGER. and there looking for the word gay. If your library does not have it, please credit to your aunt!
Tante gay story Part II

Once a father was reading a story today on the internet, because it is pious father (until he opened the internet) he did not quite understand the various terms in the virtual world. One of the many stories that use the word gay, of the father wants to know what that means. In order to be thoroughly permeates the whole story!

Finally the father with a passion that is being asked to keep the cafe aunt, I'm sorry that what Ms. gay!? The aunt somewhat surprised to get a strange question. By acting politely answered the aunt cuman "Sorry sir I do not know". Yet when the aunt was also being read a story today on his monitor.

Ms. know it at the monitor there are also gay adult story I read!?

The confusion aunt who answered "That's a virus ..."

Oooh the father was just whispering to myself "Oh gay is a virus anyway ..."
A must-read stories

One of the many adult stories and using words like gay lust scattered on the internet. Makes many people confused with a variety of new terms, especially for people who feel pious sanctimonious. Is 100% the story was true, yes of course a lie!

There are gay you know the story that really funny like the 2 above which tells the story of adventure in the so-and father figure out the meaning of the word gay.

For those readers who do not know what gay means that there are two possible

    * The reader is still not mature
    * The reader is pious sanctimonious

If you want to know the meaning of gay, please use two ways to find out

    * Ask your aunt who was aged adults
    * Ask your cafe keeper

After it is finished you will question whether the same boat with two stories above he he
Poems about gay

No story is finished as the earth rotates

There are adults in the age to understand

For as difficult to understand gay

No need to use lust to ask something that is not mature

But ask for a name in the story

Ask what it is gay to Tante

If your aunt does not know what that is gay, go to the cafe and asked the guard what it means gay cafe. And make a funny story if what you went through after asking it funny. And make poetry if you're a keeper.

One of the funniest stories in the naked question is if there is a story that one reads about the meaning of adulthood. All for free when we talk about auntie ...
Gay stories of the most not funny

There is a sergeant who said to his men. You know the meaning of gay. The men replied cuman I do not know sir. Then the sergeant angrily berkaya "wrote the same aunt asked you". The men replied 'I do not have a aunt, sir ". The sergeant was angry and called the child's grandmother fruit ...

Grandma, why do you not give birth to a daughter of my men have a aunt and she could ask about naked. The grandmother was just silent. The sergeant who was angry the old woman finally imprisoned on charges of "FAILED in making auntie".

Komnas HAM who heard the story about the grandmother who was jailed for failing to make Aunt to her grandson did not stay silent. The sergeant reported to his superiors and eventually fired. The men eventually promoted to sergeant and sergeant to replace it to ask his men

About the meaning naked ....

Er was the sergeant who fired it was a certain man (see story above) are still kepikiran about the meaning of gay. Since the mother is told that he had no aunt.Somebody else to blame his grandparents who do not want to make auntie. And finally, every time I see those old faces angry luggage only.

Hopefully the above story about gay adults can now bring the winds of change that will be making you laughing so hard he he he he he he he he and he


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