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Brother in law's brother delicious

I have a brother-in-law, named Ayu. Beautiful people, masi in high school. Proportional body, not sprouts but also tocil baseball. Rada big hips too so if he's tough streets of blakang pake tight jeans, shaking her butt to stimulate as well. Which stimulates lebi again, Ayu had a fine mustache above her tiny lips. Her lush pubic hair definitely deh, and more importantly his great passions.

Why I do not know why he sent His parents to place her sister (my wife) to continue his schooling, but he had a grade 1. Usually when my high school graduation dah ya want to move up the school's understandable. I was not much to ask his wife about moving to a house I Ayu. All I know, Ayu is not the younger brother's wife but she was adopted by-laws since childhood, and has been regarded as his own child. My wife was working as a marketing force foreign companies so often get a job out of town, while I worked as a freelance consultant, so a lot of work from home. Place the client if needed. Yes, what's not, count 2 I got a house keeper.

So I am very happy when Ayu lives in my house. I helped take care of Ayu's move into high school close to my house, too bureaucratic hassle, but with all lubricants sedikti Ayu finally settled and the school accepted and allowed direct entry. 2 days Ayu new home, get my wife out of town again to the task of Sulawesi to eat within 2 weeks. Yes his name assignment, to be carried out, the good we do not have kids, so I'm not bothered if left-lived like that. I used to take care of the household, because I've always lived alone.

That afternoon, Ayu invites me chatting on the couch. He pake really short shorts and tanktop, rich not use a bra, so her breasts move to follow his movements. Ni also stimulate the child. I asked why how he moved ketempatku. "Did not know ya mas", Ayu said. "I do not ask your sister Yu, he was not any story to me, just say you mo school moved here alone". "Ashamed ni ayu mas story". "Why shy, I'm your brother". "I play at home om the neighboring big brother".

"Well, well you get the dong's om". "Ah mas, Ayu this seriously". "Yes go on? '" Om Si Ayu also married, but tasty, so Ayu so addicted to continue playing with the om ". "You game where Yu '. "At first, the om home, when her aunt again went. is like an appointment so see you at the mall, continue to check in to the motel, the beautiful home from school ". "How many rounds the game if dimotel". "Because it can not lama2 only two rounds, had to return his afternoon Ayu". "Not once until nginep yes Yu". Mas ever, the lie om ma tante mo he went out of town, but check in at hotel ma Ayu one night. Ayu says the same friend bonyok nginep home. Well the very lust maennya om dihotel, up to 4 rounds mas ". "Well ya mas so sweat Ayu play nominated for the with om". "Why nominated for the gold". "La yes lah, story lust you so". "Then lust ya mas" "La yes lah, any man who desires not listen to Ayu crita again if maen. Then why how Ayu disuru place mas ma brother? '"Ma mas also Ketauan bonyok. Some say he's tough Ayu om ma trailer in ml. Yes've deh, Ayu can not ngelit again. Bonyok counter the scene as well as the om. The good can didamein, mo father had brought the case to the police everything. nice baseball ". "Overdo shy, so Ayu told to the mas ma brother. Mas still sweating, "he asked with a laugh, sweet will, again only sexy shorts and tanktop with no bra really. "Mas, dah old married by now why not have the child, can not ya mas". "Delicious only, why pay mo ma mas mas if you could?" I opened the front. "Brani ngelakuin ma mas Mangnya Ayu?" "Napa baseball, but if Ayunya want". Ayu diem only. "Want to Yu not, I'd love the lo". "No good brother ma mas". "Yes, but his brother tu Outgoing city continues, gold continues to be left alone, my child how to make mo '.

"Kacian, mas lonely yes, right there skarang that accompany Ayu". He sat close to me. "Want ya Yu", I said, stroking my cheek. Ayu turned to me, I do not menyia2kan this opportunity, slowly but surely I kissed her tiny lips. Ayu let me mengulum2 lips, then turned my kiss to his neck, continue along the kepipinya. His body was shifted increasingly closer, his lips gently kulumat again. While I enjoyed exploring her tongue in my mouth, hands kuslusupkan tanktopnya and squeeze gently into the still wrapped toketnya bra. Ohh .., toketnya was covered entirely in my hands.

And beautiful it was not able to resist shocks passion, when only the initial heating. "You want ya dah Yu". "Yes mas, it's pretty long dah ngerasain not favor again." "Will you give me pleasure."

"Want to really mas". My lips started to continue jelajahannya, pulling off tanktopnya, kissed her neck, gently kujilat sometimes bite. While hand-wringing continues toketnya. Then spread to his back hand and unhook her bra so toketnya free from the cover. Continue tracing my lips on the skin surface. And started my tongue touched her left nipple and I smoke. Continue to move to the right nipple. Sometimes I smoke as if the whole toketnya will. And hands began to go down and play satuku pusernya, making pretty amused but delicious, passion more flared because my hands caress.

Then my hand down and touched his crotch again. which must have been wet pussy once. I did this a long time until finally I then opened ristsluiting shorts and pulled his pants down. only thin mini CD that shows public hair thick, so thick public hair appear on both sides and the top of the mini cd. public hair more obvious because the CD was wet pussy fluids that have been flooded. Gently stroked pussy slit. I tilnya occasionally touching my finger 'because when automatic straddle her thighs caressed so I can freely access the pussy area. CD is already wet then it let go. Ayu picked up his ass so that I could remove the last body wrap.

My fingers started to deliberately play i tilnya. And finally it's my finger into the pussy. nipple lick my lips continue to alternate left and right and occasionally I smoke and continue to spread to his stomach. And finally came to a pussy. This time I kissed public hair dense and opened pussy lips with two fingers. And finally back to pussy I play with my lips, her lips sometimes I smoke, sometimes i tilnya, finally entered my tongue between her pussy lips while sucking i tilnya. In just a few minutes ayu really can not stand. And .. Ayu ayu tight it twitched and shouted, holding up his ass so close i tilnya with my mouth, she wrung her hair. I continued to fondle her pussy, pussy was not satisfied until I played passion bounce back quickly.

"Mas Ayu was dientot want." She pleaded as she opened her thighs wider. I got up, raised his already lemes and carried to the room. Ayu I lay in bed and I began to undress, then pants. Ayu was surprised to see a big and long penis sticking out of the top CDku. Then I also took off CDku.

"Mas, really big dick mas, where the longer term". "Where's ma gedean om" "gedean mas lah". Meanwhile ayu lay waiting. my penis is big and long and has a maximum ngacengnya, up almost against the abdomen. Ayu shudder if the amount of load that much dick in pussy. And as I slowly crushing, ayu opened her thighs wider, seemed impatient to wait for the entry of pussy extra big penis that was. Ayu close your eyes. I started to hold it while continuing to kiss her lips, pussy lips begin to touch tip of my penis. Briefly wipe-wipe and quietly began to feel pushed sideways pussy lips. It pushed my big dick. Ohh, I feel really full and tight pussy vagina penis enter. Ayu hold your breath. Millimeter per millimeter. Very slowly continues to get my penis. Ayu sigh restrained because of the tremendous pleasure. Continued .. Continued .. Finally the end of my penis touching the inside of the pussy, then Ayu reflexively pressed her legs, I kept kissing her lips and neck. And the incessant hand-wringing toketnya. my big dick begin kuenjotkan smooth and soft. so beautiful is not in pain. Ayu really quickly carried to the top of the favors that he had never experienced. Fast breathing heavily, panting. Ayu really feel the incredible pleasure to feel the movement of my dick. Then only for a short time can not stand the more beautiful. I know that the pretty drifts. So I crushed intensified lip and neck, and squeeze in toketnya getting stronger. Penis with rather strong punctures and kupepet i tilnya with rocking rocking, ayu flounder, his body stiffened, his hands gripped tightly simply. Her pussy tightened, pulsating and gripping firmly, truly the peak of pleasure she had never experienced. ayu really receive incredible pleasure. Ayu did not remember anything else except the pleasure and enjoyment. "Mas Ayu nyampe Maas," he shouted. When finished, slowly slowly his body limp, limp. ayu nyampe twice within a relatively short time, I stroked her wet hair sweating. He opened his eyes, I smiled and gently kissed her once, he kept constantly toketnya squeezed gently squeezed.

Suddenly, quick attacks and strong lips crushed bibirbya forwarded to the neck and hand-wringing toketnya stronger. passion up again quickly, as again I shake penis faster. Uhh, again nyampe ayu, which just a few minutes, and re-ayu scream even louder. I keep my penis shake and this time I go floundering, my face looked. One hand gripped his arm and the other pressing toketnya.

Ayu getting thrashed abysmally. Climax followed by a strong blast of cum in pussy, sprayed repeatedly. Oh, it feels a lot of thick, warm cum spurt and meet pussy, and felt at once warm cum gushed out like water gushing as strong.

When finished, I leaned over and gently squeezed my hand still toketnya, kissing his face. Pretty happy with perlakuanku against him. "Yu, you are amazing, and delicious your pussy peret", pujiku stroking his chest. "Mas is also great. Ayu nyampe could make a couple of times, and new this time and feel Ayu could nyampe giant dick. Hihi .. "" So you like with my penis? "I teased while moving my penis and stroked stroked his face.

 "Yes, mas, mas delicious dick, big, long and so hard" she answered honestly. "The hell where mas, what coitos sister Ayu". "Your ma Favors Yu, pussy peret you really". "Mangnya not perert pussy sister, her sister belon have children". "Do not know me, I am very satisfied coitos you '. "Fine,coitos Ayu mas ja if Outgoing sister city". I did not immediately pull out my penis, but instead a conversation while my penis smaller. And I am constantly kissing, stroking her hair and the most I like stroking toketnya. Ayu feel pejuku pussy mixed with the liquid flow out. After enough talking and caressing each other, I pulled it slowly as he kissed her soft dick once. Ayu really carried away with perlakuanku. Ayu fell asleep in my arms, she seemed to feel comfortable and completely satisfied and feel what had only imagined it.

Ayu woke up still in my arms. "You are sleeping peacefully, Yu", I said, stroking her hair. Approximately half an hour we lay side by side. I then took a shower. Kubimbing ayu to the bathroom, walking ayu still feel a lump and it turns out there are still pussy cum flowing on her thighs, so many I mengecretkan cum in pussy. In the bathtub of warm water, beautiful sitting on my thigh. I soaped rubbed his back, and ayupun soaping my back. I hugged him so tightly to my chest pressing toketnya. Ayu occasionally stretching his body so that her nipple rubbing against my chest filled with soap suds. hardened nipple. A submerged groin tersenggol2 penis in warm water. That caused passion start burning again.

Ayu, so I pulled the stick more closely to my body. I soaped his back. As she rubbed soap bubble, continue along to sink my hands into the water. I rubbed her ass and kuremasnya. ngaceng when my penis started to touch pussy. Outer lip pussy was rubbing against my penis. With the soft caress, I continued along the bottom. I wiped a few times until my fingertips touch the folds of flesh between butt hole and pussy. "Mas naughty!" She sighed as she squirmed her hips. Although neck wet, ayu felt goose bumps on his neck and tingling due to favor the flow of pussy. Ayu stretching his hip. I kissed her neck again and again, touching the bottom lip pussy. Soon, my hands farther along until finally mengusap2 folds out pussy lips. I repeatedly kissed her neck. Occasionally kujilat, occasional bite in disdain. "Aarrgghh .. Shh .. Shh .. "she moaned over and over again. Then ayu rose from my lap. Ayu did not want nyampe only because of a finger that feels rough in pussy.

But when standing, his knees felt wobbly. I quickly got to his feet and immediately turned around. I do not like ayu falls. I propped her back to my chest. Then I ran back to the liquid soap into his stomach. I move my hands up, gently squeeze the nipple kujepit2 toketnya and with thumb and forefinger. Left and right nipple squeezed together. Then I ran up and stopped growing in his neck. "Mas, soaped very long time" she moaned as she stretched her hips. Ayu feel my penis harder and bigger. It can be felt because of my penis stuck in his ass deeper. His left hand immediately slid down, and squeeze the seeds pelerku with exasperation. I move my right palm toward his groin. For a moment I rub rubbing bushy pubic hair, then rub pussy repeatedly. My middle finger slipped between her outer pussy lips. I wiped again and again. i tilnya were subjected usapanku.

"Aarrgghh ..!" She moaned as she felt her ass push my penis is getting stronger. Ayu was squatting to mucus pussy .Ayu flooding submerged into the water. The gap between the lip pussy cleaned by rubbing two fingers.

When it looked beautiful to see my penis has been exactly in front of him. my penis has ngaceng weight. "Mas, very strong anyway, just had ngecret in pussy Ayu now ngaceng again", he said, squeezing my penis, and then directed into the mouth. He kissed my penis head. My body was shaking holding pretty delicious when licked my penis head. I grabbed his shoulder because he could no longer restrain lust. After a beautiful stand, I picked up and put my left foot on the edge of the bath tub. Ayu menungging I made while holding the wall in front of the head of my penis and I slipped into a gap in between the pussy lips. "Argh, aarrgghh ..," she moaned.

I pulled my penis slowly, then slowly pushing it back anyway. Outer pussy lips come together pushed my penis. Slowly withdraw the penis while saying "It's good Yu?" "Enaak really mas". I shake penis quickly while squeezing her ass chunks and squeeze my hand only toketnya.

"Aarrgghh ..!" She moaned as she felt my penis back stabbing pussy. Ayu had to tiptoe because of my penis feels like pussy splitting due to the large. Sesek intruding penis pussy feels great and it's long. I firmly handle shake hips and my penis in and out fast and hard.

There was a 'crew cut, crew cut' each time the base collide with the butt of my thighs. "Aarrgghh .., aarrgghh ..! Mas .., Ayu nyampe ..! "Ayu limp when nyampe again for the umpteenth time. I also can not resist any longer pejuku. "Aarrgghh .., Yu", I said as I shoved my penis deep. "Mas .., Shh, Shh .." he said, because it was shot repeatedly pejuku in pussy. "Aarrgghh .., Yu, delicious!" I whispered in his ears. "Mas .., .. Shh, Shh ..! Yes dientot delicious mas ", he replied as favors when he nyampe. I was still clutching his ass while my penis is still stuck in pussy. Some time we are still in place with my penis which was still stuck on pussy.

Then I led her into the shower, turn on hot water and we hugged each other tenderly under warm running water. When finished I went out first, while still enjoying the beautiful shower. Finished with her hair still wet and still naked round, pretty out of the bathroom. I have prepared a potluck meal.

Ayu kupersilakan drinking and eating, chatting, and with a gentle song. After eating, I then asked him to sit on my lap. Ayu went along.

As we talked, ayu kumanja with caresses. I grabbed his chin, and kissed her lips with a warm, ayu compensate for kissing. I then began to gently squeeze toketnya, then browse through the chest and thighs. ayu aware that something he had occupied was getting a little hardened. Ohh, pretty straight up. Ayu kneeling in front of me, my penis has started ngaceng, though still not so hardened. Head of my penis has started a bit sticking out of her hood and won, caressed and her hood is closed again. immediately before the full ngacengnya ayu suck my penis. Ayu foreskin plays a thick dick with her tongue. He pulled the foreskin to the tip, making the head of my penis and immediately closed her hood dikulum, kulupku played with her tongue and slipped his tongue into the tongue while rotating in kulupku between the foreskin and penis head. Taste good. But only for a moment, because the rapidly growing penis swell. I started squirming and hissing pleasure to hold his tongue and make the game more and his mouth full. "It was great Mas ngaceng again, we go yuk mas", he said, which has also been aroused. I can not stand getting his tongue are stimulated.

So pretty I took to bed. I held his feet, smiling, I continued to open her legs and I fell face down in between her thighs. "I love to see you pussy yu" I said, stroking the thick fur public hair. "Why?" 'Cause girl your public hair dense and bushy passion public hair great, if dientot so wild like you, too thick lips ".

I kept stroking public hair and pussy lips. Kucubit sometimes slowly, I pulled the toy-like appeal. Ayu likes pussy play for long, ayu occasionally glancing at what I do. With two fingers so I opened my pussy lips, beautiful and more aroused more and more fluid out of the pussy. I continue to play a pussy as if not get enough attention to pussy, sometimes i tilnya I touched a little, make a pretty curious. Not aware of her hips began to squirm, contain his curiosity. So when ayu her hips, straight kusambut with my lips. I suck a pussy hole is full of fluid. My tongue danced to and fro through the whole curve of her pussy, and when i tilnya kujilat with the tip of the tongue, quick to tickle the tip i tilnya, really pretty startled. Surprised pleasure, make the unconscious ayu shout .. "Aauuhh!". Really great he aroused, and ayu had had enough. "Come on mas, Ayu pingin dientot again" he said, pulling a pillow.

I immediately put myself growing up and steer in the direction big dick pussy. Ayu still had time to glance at as I held my penis to be directed and tucked in between the pussy lips. when the head of my penis between her lips had touched pussy, ayu hold your breath to enjoy it. after the head of my penis began to slip in between the pussy lips pussy hole and squeezed, punched and slowly I started kissing her lips softly. Getting into. Ayu pressed her thighs so that my penis not go into. I immediately clamped her legs until you feel completely suppress my penis pussy walls. getting into my penis. Not all in, I pulled back as if it would be revoked until he realized his hips up off preventing it. Several times until finally I did pretty curious and screaming themselves. Once I was satisfied to seduce him, suddenly, with the beat rather loudly, i faster shake movement up pretty overwhelmed. And the beat of loud and shake shaken, I squeezed toketnya and kissed her neck. Finally ayu mengelepar thrashing around. Ayu and came to the summit. Ayu could not stand screaming, continues.

I was attacked with a fierce, it's pretty endless pleasure over the top. For a long time. Unable to pass ayu. Ayu pleaded, can not afford to receive more stimulation, was completely drained his strength with prolonged orgasm. Eventually I slowly put an end to attacks dahsyatku. Ayu once hung limp, sweat profusely. Almost fainted ayu received prolonged pleasure. Ayu really regret not coitus with me, I can treat him to the incomparable pleasure.

Then my leg started to go back and i close up clamped her thighs, my body on top of her neck and back kucumbu. Ayu huge hug me and squeeze me again toketnya. Slowly begin kuenjotkan penis. This time pretty much want to enjoy all the stimulation that occurs in all parts of the body. My hands continued to explore the surface of the body. My chest to stimulate her breasts every time impinge on her nipple. Kupompakan dick with a vengeance and feelings, tenderness, and his lips my lips neck crawl. Eventually his body which was originally weak, began to burn again. Ayu trying to squirm, but I hugged her body strong enough, the only hands that began to reach what he can. I further increase my penis fondling and pumping faster. Friction at the wall pussy increasingly felt. And mounting pleasure. So this time I bit his neck a bit stronger and I put all my penis shaft and kugoyang-rocking to increase stimulation in i tilnya. Then the dam was breached, ayu reach the top again. This time it was another, not wild like that. This climax is comfortable and romantic, but suddenly I quickly shake again. Back ayu screaming orgasm tight it enjoys a stronger blast, wriggle pretty simply. he bit my shoulder when I'm showering with a terraced pleasure. For a moment I lose my movements, but then I flipped her up pretty on top of me. Ayu lay on top of me.

With the remaining strength of ayu released penis pussy. And grabbed my penis shaft. Without thinking, which is still covered dick pussy fluid itself dikulum and shaken. And I grabbed her hips until pretty face down on top of me again in the inverted position. Return the liquid-soaked pussy so my toys, getting pretty excited suck and suck some dick. I hugged her hips. I smoke while i tilnya tip of my tongue dancing quickly. His body stiffened and he clamped my head with her thighs and hips so close up pussy lips close to my lips. Ayu can not scream, but because his mouth full, and without knowing a little bit stronger ayu dicengkeramnya penis and firmly when he was still enjoying an orgasm. "Yu, I want ngecret Yug, in your pussy yes", I said my back pretty.

"Yes, mas", he said. I ride pretty hard and with a pounding, big dick pussy is back crowd. I immediately shake my penis in and out fast and hard. In just a few enjotan tubuhkupun convulse. Dihentakkannya butt up tightly so that my penis stuck everything into pussy and finally crot .. crot .. crot, pejunya spurt in recent times strong bursts. Amazingly, the third ngecret still pejuku masi out a lot. I was lying on top, hugging him erat2. "Yu, coitos so good to you, you pussy very strong grip on the penis", I whispered in his ear. "Yes, mas, Ayu is also delicious, of course, Ayu pussy grip was strong because of his big dick really mas. It was pussy deh sesek Ayu mas neken if my penis get any. If there is a chance, Ayu mas dientot back soon ", he said. "Yes dear", and then I kissed her lips tenderly.

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